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What level of coverage for medical expenses will be right for you? Will you need Medicare basic and nothing else? Or will you need some additional coverage through Medicare Advantage plans? These are the questions that those eligible for these healthcare coverage plans should be asking. Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 offer some great coverage options for those who can use them.

Now picking out the right plan for yourself can be tricky. You have to know what you actually need out of a coverage plan. That involves looking closely at your current medical expenses as well as those you might experience. Keep in mind that just because you haven’t had to pay a certain medical expense, that doesn’t mean that you won’t in the near future. It’s always a good idea to get a bit of extra coverage with your insurance plan, if you can afford it.


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And Medicare Advantage plans can come with a lot of extra insurance. When compared to original Medicare plans, they are more robust. That also means they will cost more, in most cases, but you can still find some good deals on them. You can compare the rates between the insurance companies selling these plans. That’s going to take some work and effort from you, but it can be worth your while. You can save considerably on these high-coverage Advantage plans by shopping around for the best rates.

Even though the insurance companies selling these plans get to set their own prices, they don’t actually have any say over the coverage on the plans. Medicare sets up the coverage for itself, and the insurance companies selling the plans have to stick to what Medicare has established. They can change the rates all they want, but they cannot lay a finger on the coverage for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018.

Where they can differ is in the networks they offer and the availability of coverage. For example, if you buy a plan from one provider and they have a small network, there may be no healthcare facilities near them that will actually be eligible for the plan you have signed up for. You could go to one of those hospitals and receive medical care and never be covered for anything, even though you have a robust coverage plan.

That’s basically how networks operate. The HMO network will only cover you if you go to a healthcare facility that is on the network of the company you bought the plan from. A PPO network gives you coverage everywhere, but only partial coverage at healthcare facilities that are not part of your insurance company’s network.

Basically, if you want the most coverage you can get, you need to go to a healthcare facility (that’s hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices) that is on your insurance company’s network. You should make finding out about the company’s network a priority when looking for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018. Their network will really determine how available your coverage is and if it is worth your while to purchase a plan from that particular provider.


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