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With a Medicare Advantage plan, you can get greater coverage than with just about any medical insurance plan. Even signing up for multiple smaller plans at once may not give you this same level of coverage. With the AARP Medicare Advantage for 2018, you get that same great coverage, but what exactly will they take care of for you? We are going to take a closer look at them so that you can know if they are a good option for you.

What Coverage You Get with an Advantage Plan

There is nothing else quite like an Advantage plan when it comes to coverage. Other plans may cover a bit here and a bit there, but Advantage plans really do give you that advantage over your medical bills. No matter how many you have to pay, the Advantage coverage is going to take care of a significant portion of them. For many people, once they are covered by their Advantage plan, they have almost no medical expenses to pay for out of pocket.


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So, what kind of coverage do these plans provide? First, you need to know that not every Advantage plan is the same. What AARP offers may be a bit different from some other insurance company’s Advantage plans.

The basic coverage for every Advantage plan is to take care of Medicare parts A and B almost completely and to provide coverage for a number of annual checkups and tests. You may know that that original Medicare plan will cover you for 80% of Medicare parts A and B. That’s a lot of your typical medical expenses, but not all of them, by any means. The Advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, will cover you for all your Part A and Part B expenses, except for hospice care. That expense you will have to pay for from your own pockets.

You also get coverage for important checkups, like hearing and vision tests, among others. These are expenses you would normally have to pay for on your own, if you had only a basic Medicare plan.

Advantage Plan coverage doesn’t stop there, however. You can also be covered for Medicare Part D, which is drug coverage. This isn’t included in every Advantage plan, though. You will need to check on a plan-by-plan basis to see which ones offer it.

AARP Medicare Advantage for 2018On top of that your costs be covered for other healthcare items as well. It will just depend which Advantage plan you choose. Not all of them are the same, and those little differences can be important in covering expenses you need to have covered. In many ways, Advantage plans are like Medicare supplement plans, also called Medigap plans. But, they cover much more, and the supplement plans do not cover Part D or Medicare parts A and B.

The AARP Medicare Advantage for 2018 may cover these items we have talked about so far or they may just offer the bare minimum. It is up to AARP what they want their Advantage plans to offer. They can change their coverage whenever they want, so you will need to keep tabs on it if you are going to accurately compare it to the competition.

AARP and Medical Coverage

AARP sells lots of different medical insurance plans, far more than just the Advantage plans. They are known for their wide array of senior services, which extends to far more than just medical coverage plans or even Medicare’s plans.

The Medicare plans they sell are ones that Medicare does not sell itself. So, they won’t offer Medicare Original, but they so sell many supplement plans and Advantage plans. It’s up to them to choose which ones they want to provide to customers.

How much AARP charges for this plan is up to them. They can change their rates whenever they like, so make sure you keep up with what the rates are before you decide to go with them over other insurance companies. You can find good rates on Advantage plans, but you need to be willing to source quotes from more than just one insurance company. AARP may not have the best rates so find out what some other premiums for Advantage plans are going to cost from other insurance providers and compare them to AARP’s rates to find out what the best deal is.

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Using Advantage Plans

If you sign up for an Advantage plan and you aren’t sure if a medical expense will be covered by your plan, you can always find out first. You are not obligated to go through with any procedure or treatment until you know the price. The healthcare provider must tell you how much the procedure will cost before they administer it to you. If you are into covered by your plan for that procedure, you do not have to have it done.

Advantage plans will not cover any expenses that are not considered medically necessary. If your plan isn’t covering you for something, it could be worth talking over with your doctor to see if you really need it. You should keep in mind, though, that what is considered medically necessary will vary from one state to another.

You cannot sign up for an Advantage plan if you are signed up for most other medical coverage plans. You would have to drop one of your other plans first before you can sign up for the Advantage plans. That’s due to the way that coverage can overlap between plans. Medicare doesn’t like when you have two insurance plans with some identical coverage. It will make you cancel one of them.

The plans that overall include supplemental plans and Medicare Part D. If you have one of these and you want to sign up for AARP Medicare Advantage for 2018, you will need to cancel one of those smaller plans first to make room or the Advantage plan.


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