Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

Aetna sells a wide range of insurance plans, including multiple types of Medicare plans. The Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 available now are ones that may be able to save you money when it comes to your medical expenses.

That’s why people choose Medicare plans- to cut the costs on their healthcare, and you should only pick up one of these plans if it will indeed save you money. You’ll have to look at the available plans carefully to make that determination, though. One of the most cost effective types of Medicare plans are Medicare Advantage plans.


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

Typically, an Advantage plan will cover you for Medicare Part A and Part B, then possibly provide coverage for Part D as well. That’s all the coverage included in the original Medicare plan, plus prescription drug coverage. But the Advantage plan doesn’t stop there. It also covers emergency and urgent care expenses to a point, and it can often cover additional expenses as well. The actual coverage will vary from one provider to the next. Even different versions of the same plan within Aetna can offer different coverage as well.
You will want to examine the plan closely to see exactly what it is taking care of for you and ensure that it covers the things you need it to. You will pay for the kind of coverage you get, so the more coverage your Advantage plan offers you, the more you will likely pay for it.

The cost of the plan varies as well, even within Aetna. That’s because the cost is based not only on the amount of medical expenses covered but also on the cost of living or the cost of medical care in your area. The Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans are not all the same, and you need to understand that as you look for the right plan for you.

There are a few different basic plans, but other options may be available as well. Let’s break down your typical Advantage choices.


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HMO plans offer you coverage only at the approved network facilities. That’s any hospital, clinic, etc. that is partnered with Aetna. All those partnered healthcare facilities make up what is known as Aetna’s network. There may or may not be a network hospital near your location. On an HMO plan, once you go outside the network for medical care, then you don’t get any coverage. The only exception to that rule is when you have a medical emergency. In that case, you may be taken to a non-network facility for emergency care, and you would still get some coverage, because you had no choice in the matter.

Aetna Medicare Advantage PlansThe next most common type of Advantage plan is the PPO plan. This one will allow you to get partial coverage anywhere you decide to go for medical care, be it on or off the network. However, you’re only going to receive partial credit off the network. If you want the full coverage of your Advantage plan, then you have to go to a network hospital, clinic or doctor office.

The third type of Advantage plan that you will commonly find is called an HMO POS plan. It works much like the HMO plan, where you only get full coverage at approved network locations. However, you can get full coverage for specific services or expenses off the network, but these specific services vary from plan to plan.

Not all of these Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 will be available at every Aetna location or in every area of the country. You can check with the Aetna insurance provider near you to see what they have to offer.


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