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There are lots of different Advantage plans available, and finding the right on is a matter of comparing them. When you compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018, you can see what their differences are and why you should be picking one over another.

What You Should Compare

There are two main factors you should be looking at when you compare these plans. You want to see how their prices and their coverage stack up against one another. Not all of them have the same price, as Medicare doesn’t set a standard pricing scheme for the Advantage plans. Each private insurance company that sells the plans is going to decide on its own how much to sell the plans for. They will base their pricing decision off the competition in their area, the amount of coverage they have included in their Advantage plan and the cost of living in the area they are selling the plan. That can mean that the same company will sell the same Advantage plan elsewhere for a different price altogether.

You can compare the prices at price comparison sites, and these will give you quick looks at each of the plans and what they must offer. The plans that are available in your area will be listed, though perhaps not all of them. You will likely only get a selection of Advantage plans, when you use a price comparison site, and it may be worth your while to look at a few more that you don’t see on the site. Comparing the price ensures that you get the best deal possible and don’t pay more than you should for coverage.


Compare Medicare Advantage Plans 2018



You also need to compare the coverage each plan offers. As with pricing, Medicare does not set a standard coverage plan for the Advantage plans. They tend to cover some of the same base expenses, particularly the most common medical expenses that people face, but they may not all cover the Medicare Part D drug plan. That’s prescription drug coverage, and only some Advantage plans offer that coverage. Of course, you can expect to pay more for that additional coverage, and you should check to see if you are saving money by having the coverage included in your Advantage plan or if it would be cheaper to buy the Part D coverage separately.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans 2018 Advantage plans cover many of the same expenses that would be covered by Medigap plans, so if you know what they cover, you would give a pretty good idea of what to expect from an Advantage plan. But Advantage plans go farther than Medigap plans and offer more. The overlapping coverage between the two types of plans means that you cannot be signed up for both at the same time. You must drop one or the other before they are cancelled for you.

So, when you go to compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018, be sure to look at how much they cost and how much they cover. Just because a plan is cheap, that doesn’t mean it is a good deal. It could be offering very little coverage.

Finding the Right Advantage Plan

The first question you should ask yourself when trying to find the best Advantage plan for you is: “Do I need a Medicare Advantage Plan?”. You should determine if there is need for that kind of comprehensive coverage. You may find that a Medigap plan is better for you, as it will cost less and cover less. There isn’t a lot of point in paying for coverage that isn’t useful to you. Don’t just buy an Advantage plan because it offers tons of coverage. You should only purchase coverage you can use or that might come in useful soon.

Your coverage needs will determine which plan is best for you. Maybe you need that Part D coverage and perhaps you don’t. You may want coverage for medical expenses that could occur in the future, even if you don’t pay for those kinds of treatments and services right now. A little extra padding for medical expenses is not a bad thing, but paying for tons of extra coverage you won’t use is unnecessary.

Advantage plans don’t have to be expensive, though. You can find one that is reasonably priced and that meets your needs, but you first must compare the plans to find a good deal. It may take some effort to get a plan that fits you well and fits your budget, but it is worth the effort.

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The best way to determine how your medical needs are going to pan out and evolve over the next year or so is to talk to your doctor. Have a checkup done and find out if you should be preparing to deal with any medical problems over the next year or two. Then you can start planning to have those medical problems and their various treatments covered by your Medicare Advantage plan.

Every insurance company’s advantage plan is a bit different, so take time to look at the coverage and really compare what they are offering. You can’t assume that the title of Advantage plan is enough to make all the coverage the same. Medicare allows some room for the companies to pick and choose what things they will cover. You always get a lot of coverage with Advantage plans, but it isn’t always for the same expenses. They do tend to draw from the same list of expenses, though. This is the same list that you will find with Medigap plans, plus the extra coverage only the Advantage plan offer (such as Part D coverage). That basic list of coverage items includes co-payments, deductibles, hospital costs, excess charges, some pints of blood and more.

Take some time to examine the kind of coverage you need and compare it to what is being offered. When you compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 like this, you will be better off and you will be able to save money on your medical insurance and medical care.



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