Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2018

Your medical expenses do not have to cost as much as they used to. You can purchase additional medical insurance coverage that will reduce your monthly expenses and make healthcare more affordable for you. The Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2018 plans are a good place to start for anyone living in Florida.

These plans offer you more coverage than most other Medicare plans would be able to give you. They take care of your emergency and urgent care coverage, often provide coverage for prescription drugs and even cover supplemental expenses. If you are in serious need of some extra coverage or your other Medicare plans are not quite enough, you should consider one of these Advantage plans.


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How You Will Be Covered

You have some option when you go with Florida Blue’s Advantage plans. You can choose from several different plans, each with its own set of coverage. While they all offer the same base coverage, they each add their own tweaks in that change up how much of your medical expenses will be taken care of.

It is worth noting how the Advantage plans cover you as opposed to other types of Medicare plans. They operate on what is known as a network, which is a term to describe all the medical facilities that have agreed to accept the coverage plans offered by an individual insurance company.

So, Florida Blue’s network stretches across much of Florida, encompassing many of the hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices that spot the state. Not every medical facility will be covered under its network, but many of them will. You probably want to check and see if one of their network locations is near you before you sign up for one of the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2018 plans.

They offer two basic types of network plans, with a few variations on each. The HMO plans are ones that give you coverage only at network facilities. If you go somewhere outside their network for treatment on an HMO plan, then you won’t receive any coverage at all.


Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2018


PPO plans give you a little more leeway. They give you full coverage only at the network facilities, but they also give you some partial coverage if you go anywhere else. So, you can go to a hospital or treatment that isn’t apart of your insurance company’s network, and you will still get some coverage under a PPO plan, but it won’t be as much as you would receive were you to go to a network hospital or clinic.

There is an exception to these rules and that is if you have an emergency. You can go wherever the emergency response team takes you and receive coverage under your plan, because you did not have a choice in the matter.

How to Get an Advantage Plan

You can only purchase Advantage plans from private insurance companies like Florida Blue. Medicare does not sell them, though they do regulate the plans to a degree. Since they are not directly over the plans or selling them on their own, Medicare doesn’t decide how much the plans sell for either. If you want a good price, you will have to compare plans between providers.

You are already eligible for one of the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2018 plans or any other Advantage plan if you have a Medicare plan. You can keep that basic Medicare plan too, once you sign up for an Advantage plan. Their coverage won’t clash at all, though it may clash with Medicare Supplement plans or Medicare Part D plans, so be prepared to drop one of those if you have them and you plan to sign up for an Advantage plan.

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